• vue berne logo
  • Logo for Vue Berne Meetup

    Since there wasn't any Vue.js related meetup in Berne yet, I decided to start Vue Berne in October 2019. So I designed this logo for it after a long work day. The Vue logo should represent the sun there behind our beautiful swiss mountains and the green shape behind berne represents the river Aare.

  • vue vixens workshop notes
  • Notes for Vue Vixens Workshop

    Frontend Foxes is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote gender diversity within the vue community by hosting workshops and meetups for people who identify as women. I created these notes for our full-day workshop, so it would be easier to support our attendees during the workshop.

  • vue catributors design
  • Logo for Vue Catributors

    I was asked to come up with a design for Vue.js Contributors to use on discord and as a sticker. We have a lot of adorable cat pictures on that discord, so we wanted to have a cat as Contributor. This is how the name Vue Catributors came up. I put the Catributor and Vue inside a box which symbolizes npm packages.